As the Golden Key Bordubet family, our biggest concern is ensuring the safety of our guests and team members. In keeping with this aim, we have added our own safety measures in addition to those required by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism.
We would like to share with you all that we are doing to keep you safe so that your sole focus remains with relaxing and enjoying your stay.
As per the decree of the town of Marmaris Municipality published on
31/08/2020, we inform that hotel guests are required to wear face masks every time they leave our premises. Not doing so will result in a penalty of 900.00 TL by the local authorities. We thank you in advance for taking this into consideration. We wish you a great vacation.

1. We have made an agreement with the leading private hospital in Marmaris to provide 24/7 medical assistance should there be a need.
2. All our team members have been rigorously trained for COVID-19 safety protocols as per the requirements of the Ministry of Tourism as well as industry specialists.
3. We are regularly checking the temperatures of our guests and team members with infrared technology.
4. We have placed disinfection/hygiene stations in locations throughout the hotel along with appropriate social distancing visual reminders.
5. We have dedicated a special area to disinfect luggage in the check-in areas.
6. We have the appropriate hygiene products ready in each room.
7. All towels, sheets and other textiles are washed at high temperatures.
8. All the rooms are sterilized in detail and aerated for at least 2 hours after check-outs. All common areas (restaurants, bars, beach area) have been reorganized to accommodate safe social distancing requirements.
9. All hotel vehicles (boats, minivans and service cars) have been organized to ensure safe social distancing and are sterilized after each use.
10. To ensure the safety of our guest and team members, we, regrettably, cannot accept our guests who are doing late/early check-in and late check-out into the beach area. We can only serve you in the hotel area as the social distance reorganization of our beach area has decreased our accommodation capacity. We thank you for your understanding.